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It's February

So, it's February. I have a tentative garden plan that may get shot right to shit. I found seeds I didn't know I had that had somehow migrated under the bed, and I know I have some out in the shed. I just don't know what they are, because it's a big ol' bunch of them that neighbors that moved gave me because they wouldn't be planting after all. The only thing I remember is that there is red clover in it.

I'm still unemployed, and beginning to feel unemployable. I have decided,…


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Garden Reboot!

Well, life and chaos have caught up with us over the past year, and the garden grew a bit wild.  But I have every hope of *rebooting* this year, and I just know our garden will be better than ever!

There's a fantastic new (free!) counter for in the sunroom/greenhouse that will get the potted veggies up off the floor (I think they will be happier that way).  I think I need to replace a couple of the hanging planters this year... but it's very exciting knowing that this year I'll have…


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Sharon Astyk and the Right to Live Sustainably

Sharon Astyk is one of my favorite thinkers on resilience and sustainability. She brings it down to the ground where it belongs. In this blog she covers what we need to get sustainability working in our neighborhoods. It's going to take more than canning, kale and clotheslines. It's going to take getting involved at the municipal level as an organized group and at a national level. Many of the things that make living in the burbs potentially sustainable - are actually illegal at this time.…


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Waste to Treasure...

I'm not good at letting stuff go...or sending it to the dump. I wouldn't call myself a hoarder but I am exceedingly thrifty. This habit of wringing the last bit of value out of things, of waiting patiently for what I need to arrive started after reading Your Money or Your Life by Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez. It's probably in the list top five most books which impressed me the most. It was a life changing read and I highly recommend it!…


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Our Seed Sharing Station

We built this in cooperation with our local thrift store - Jacob's Dream. Food security is becoming a critical pressing issue as food benefits are being drastically cut across the country.

The people affected by these cuts are predominantly children, the elderly, veterans and people with disabilities.

One of the ways we can all help is to grow more food to share with food banks and our neighbors.

Seed sharing helps us grow more.

It's very easy to set one up. Find…


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Been awhile, garden kinda sucked, crap has happened.

I found the missing blog post! *coughs* I got my homegrown and hyperlocavore sites slightly mixed. So, I copied, and now I'm pasting, and you all may read!

Been awhile since I did any posting. It's been... a year. My jalepenos did well, my tomatoes okay, and my green and yellow peppers not bad. The experimental eggplant and cabbage, not so good, the corn flopped terribly, the radishes did horrible, the carrots I still can't find. Even the GARLIC that usually does wonderfully…


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I am missing a blog post. Weird.

So, yeah. Out of work for awhile. Should be outside now, raking leaves like a mad thing, clearing off the beds, digging them under. Possibly planting red clover, but that seems more like a no than a yes. Not entirely sure. Anyone know if it does well in shade? I've got a really shady area next to west wall of the house where the dog usually spends spring and summer that is basically packed dirt, a few tulips and irises (neither of which bloom well but where there when I moved here) along the…


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Below the Line, Phase 2

In the Below the Line challenge, I am $52 short of my goal. I'm doing it again this week, Australia's week, on the same US allowed amount. I wonder if an endeavor like yardsharing would help at all in places that have such poverty levels. Opinions?

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A little something I realized...

Below the Line is a 5 day challenge/fundraiser that I am doing this week. It's lead me to realize something.

My backyard is kinda awesome, now that I'm using what just kinda grows there all on its own. I've got 3 different kinds of edible flowers, some wild garlic, wild basil, and some volunteer onions. I know they're volunteers, because the weather's been too wonky to plant. There'll be raspberries…


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2013 Spring

Most everything is planted inside, since they have frost advisories on them and winter seems to hit every third day or so. Was low 40's day before yesterday, today is 75.

Out in the garden, I've got a roll-out lettuce strip and a roll-out cucumber strip "planted". The raised fridge bed had spinach and lettuce planted in it, but I think the wonky weather may have put paid to those seeds growing - I'm not seeing anything, and those got planted before winter decided to show up…


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5 Biggest Gardening or Farming Mistakes You’ll Make BEFORE You Ever Plant a Seed

People are really excited about growing their own food. When we practice urban farming or gardening,we celebrate ancient wisdom of nourishing our bodies, our communities, and our land. There’s a reason there’s been a …

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join the growing crowd

Starting some seeds tomorrow for spring planting. Golden berry, Goji and Five Flavored Berry(Schisandra).

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Preparing to reignite the homesteading fire...

So it's been a long while since I visited this site.  Much has happened in that time.  Two chickens lost to dog attack, started a full-time job which caused my 2012 veg garden to suffer greatly, got divorced... it's been a busy time.  However, my new best friend lives across the street and can't wait to help me revive my once thriving practice -- growing food in my 10 raised beds, tending my mini fruit orchard, and helping me acclimate the two new pullets I’ll bring into the family this…


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SFG Guru Mel Bartholomew answers my question about peat moss sustainability.

I got to ask Mel Bartholomew father of the Square Foot Gardening method what he thought about the issues some people see around peat moss. I learned a bit - enjoy

Are you a Square Foot Gardener? What's your experience? How many beds do you have and what do you grow?

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Skarsgard Farm visit #2

  I am so thankful for having time, the resources and health to share my gardening life with others. This past weekend I once again made a trip to the south valley to visit They once again had a tour of the farm, which we missed and took time to photograph the piglets and barn instead. They had a gentleman who spoke to a group of us about composting. He not only spoke to us but brought along some of the what and…


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Meeting Doc

Today I had a fun filled day. I met Doc and we exchanged plants from our gardens. I shared some of my raspberry shoots and I hope that they will take as easy as they did in my garden.  My Tarragon pot looks beautiful next to the strawberry pot I am hoping to fill with edible flowers. Doc not only brought me some of her Tarragon but brought it in a pot. Seriously feel bad since I took my clippings in a empty kitty litter container. I owe you one Doc ;)

 I also drove up to Rio Rancho to…


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Interviews with Liz McLellan AKA @hyperlocavore


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It's in the 70's today. I went ahead and planted the corn, and killed my back. It's currently quite upset with me. I'm gonna wait on planting any little bitty seeds (ie: the radishes) until the wind won't blow them into the next county when I try to scatter them.

On the woe side, the weather flip-outs have finally gotten the best of me. I appear to be coming down with a could. *miserable*

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