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land of moss and weeds

since i have moved to portland, i have not quite been able to get into the gardening "scene" so to speak. my apartment is begging to be transformed.


i've planted rosemary outside my bathroom window with the theory that rosemary grows monstrously large and smells great when it rains. being one of my favorite smells, i am hoping it can be a natural freshener for the bathroom.


i am looking into doing a worm box, but i want to keep my costs minimum. aside from the…


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Winter crops and spring seedlings

I wandered out into my garden today, after a month's worth of heavy rain finally dried up a bit. There is work to do to get spring plantings into the ground, and there is a fairly large crop of fava beans ready to harvest. I am trying to decide whether to leave the rye in the ground and try to harvest it, or what. I planted it mainly as a cover crop, and as such it's done pretty well, but it's not enough to bake anything. Perhaps if it sets seed, I can at least save the seed for next year's… Continue

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Earthhour - It's not the planet I worry about, it's us.

I think tonight at 8:30 I will turn everything off for Earthhour and think about the Fukushima 50 who will not likely survive to see their grand kids grow up. It's not the CEOs or the Government Ministers who will be going in to clean up the mess. They are busy covering up the records of years of safety violations. As it ever is it will be working people who die for our energy profligacy and our unwillingness to get serious about renewables. Coal miners, nuclear workers, oil rig people who…


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Cobb County Community Garden

Sacred Tapestry Community Garden group on Facebook


Come play in the dirt with us!  Have lots of heirloom tomato seeds to trade...Moon and Stars watermelon.. heirloom Butternut.

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i started a blog!

to commemorate the creation of our front yard garden, i started a blog!  "Rousseau's Garden" is available at  seriously, folks -- i just started it, so i've only made one post.  i'll be adding pictures later. 

i'm new to the blogosphere, but i'm excited to share our experience and hope to remember to update daily.  if i get behind, perhaps my hyperlocavore friends will prod me...

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Sub Irrigation Planters

Anthony Spangler turned me on to SIPs -- I can't wait to try this method!!  Here's a great Flickr stream showing variations on the theme:


Thanks, Anthony!

Added by Jenny on March 6, 2011 at 5:10pm — 4 Comments

10 Seed Starting Tips for early Spring

Photo by member Melanie Ragan


1.  Start with fresh seed starting mix if possible - avoid peat moss which is not renewable. Seed starting mix is light weight and sterile. Most store bought stuff has extra fertilizers in…


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Getting close to babies

I have a sow, Penny, that is due tomorrow..... in theory. For tomorrow to be acurate it means that I saw the deed on THE day I have marked on my calander and I didn't miss a midnight rendvous....


I am a very nervous soon to be first ever litter of brand spanking new pig babies! Sure I have had pigs before, even bought them as babies, but these will be my FIRST ones brand spoanking new fresh from the pig kinda babies....


Penny the pig momma has lost intrest in…


Added by Terrie Beech on March 2, 2011 at 4:27pm — 5 Comments

Introduction to DIY Bio-diesel

I was talking to my cousin the other day. She and her husband run a small business which requires a lot of miles. Like a lot of folks these days, she's worried about gas topping 5 dollars a gallon due to all the strife in the Middle East. My cousin spends about 600 dollars a month on fuel now. Assuming she's spending 3 bucks a gallon 5 bucks could be bad for their small business. I know for a lot of us that is a very scary number busting our already tight budgets. What some folks are doing…


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busy busy

Got up at 5am, got tired of staring at the top of the bunk bed. Did some laundry. Fed the kids. Made the little one pretty for his class pictures - sadly, I guess Mom did not get the shot I sent of him before I got his hair done. Swept the floor, made a tablecloth, prettied up the table with said new tablecloth, started more laundry to hang on the line, and was attacked by clouds. They went in the dryer. Naturally, about halfway through the cycle, the clouds went away. Checked the weather.…


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Gearing up... to do some proper homesteading

So, I've decided that I'm going to do this properly this year, since I've got the time, and the space, and still have no grocery store in town.


I've already bought some seeds, and started some inside.


The big garden is tilled. The boys have cleared off their patches, and raked out the garlic patch. We've dug half of it up - sorry, there's no way we need that much garlic! - and the elder brat intends to plant corn there instead. The little one has chosen…


Added by Jana Franzen on February 21, 2011 at 6:15pm — 1 Comment

The Great Urban Homesteading Kerfuffle of 2011


This is a response to Crunchy Chickens call for a day of blogging in response to the attempt of the Dervaes Family trademarking the…


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Charcutepalooza - Meat Preserving, Curing, Salting - Baconskillz, Prosciuttoskillz, Salamiskillz!

I have been really into this year long blog-a-thon focused on meat preserving skills. Charcuterie and cheese personally has always represented the good life to me. If I was doing well I would always have more cheese and cured meats around. So I was thrilled to hear about Charcutepalooza started by…


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Rooftop Farming Domains Available

Hi all,


I have the following rooftop farming domains registered and didn't end up doing anything with them.  No buildings where I am right now.




Free and looking for a good home.



Added by Eddy on February 9, 2011 at 1:02pm — No Comments

Repairing the International Commons when our governments will not

It looks like a lot of people around the world are getting tired of our governments either not acting or activly conspiring with international businesess to thwart the purpose of the climate talks.  I am much encouraged that so many people are taking over the real work,


Seeing REDD on Climate Change



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Winter pangs

Winter has finally caught up with Mary and I


We've been sharing the garden and many of the crops I planted for our warm 3rd coast winter are doing just fine.  The ice slipped of the rocket and cabbage, leaving them to perk up nicely in the sun.  The spinach-mustard and rainbow chard took real damage, particularly when the northern blast ripped loose my late night wrapping attempt, still, they look good to come back.  My summer hanger-on plants; peppers, tomatoes and eggplant…


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Back Yard Garden Share Agreement

Hi, I need a back yard garden share agreement to use as a model for my group this year. Anyone have one I can use? The one I have is too public land oriented.

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A green-freak leaf thief (with wheels!)

I got out this afternoon and collected neighbors' leaves. We have a few of our own on the way, but my tree is a bit later to dump than the ones on the next street. I'm sure it will surprise no one here that I use collected leaves as compost pile material. I also use them to cover over my vegetable beds for the winter. I find cuts down tremendously on weeding in spring. Depending on what I plant, I'll either turn them in, pull them aside and plant right through them, or turn them into the soil… Continue

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Certifications, do they matter...

I raise pigs and chickens, all on a very small scale. I raise them as naturally as possible, as free range as possible, as happy as possible. Certifications by outside parties seem to be important to consumers, or maybe I'm making that up in my head.... The chickens are certified by the Animal Welfare Approved org and the pigs will be soon, but is that enough? I found the org Certified Natural Grown and have put in an app to have their stamp of approval on my little farm too..... Both org's…


Added by Terrie Beech on December 2, 2010 at 10:31am — 5 Comments

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